Eco-friendly resin for packaging


The packaging market experiences a strong momentum towards sustainable technologies. Driven by end-consumer demand, brand owners have announced ambitious sustainability pledges. Now it is up to the entire industry to deliver on these challenging goals. Our plant-based Decovery® resins are perfectly suited to contribute to greater circularity and bio-based materials. Drawing on our experience from the many markets we are serving today, we’ve started to create a portfolio of resins for primers, inks and overprint varnishes suitable for a wide range of substrates – from paper to plastics. Our research shows that Decovery® performs significantly better than any other plant-based material in this market today, even challenging the status quo of oil-based ingredients. 

Decovery® resins for packaging applications

Decovery® SP-6000 XP

A barrier coating resin, which is an alternative to PE and PFAS based solution.

Decovery® SP-6200 XP

The bio-based rub resistant queen of inks!

Decovery® SP-6400 XP

A bio-based resin for label adhesives with 20 °C lower wash off temperature reduction which uses less NaOH and results in energy saving.

Decovery® D-2105

A bio-based inkjet ink resin.


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