Eco-friendly paint resin for Joinery & façade

Joinery & façade

Whether it’s a coating for façade and exterior walls that needs to withstand the elements, or a fine finish essential for joinery applications like doors, panels and frames, Decovery® is a plant-based alternative to acrylic technology that’s proven to perform. That means an outstanding look and feel with great scuff resistance, dirt pick-up, drying time and durability; but also excellent UV stability and gloss retention delivering a coating that doesn’t flake. Meanwhile for trim and lacquer applications like doors, panels and window frames, Decovery® enables fast drying and tack-free time - and thus a quick return to service after application.

Decovery® resins for Joinery & facade applications

Decovery® SP-7450

This grade has been designed for fast drying and fast blocking resistance coatings for Industrial wood exterior (Joinery) applications.

Decovery® SP-7460

More soon.

Opening new doors in sustainable coatings

How do you create beautiful wooden doors from recycled materials…without coating them in non-sustainable oils? This was the challenge facing Weekamp Doors, a family-run company of master craftsmen searching for a more sustainable coating for their bespoke and much-loved product. 

Through a chance encounter they discovered our Decovery® paint resin. And suddenly a whole new world opened up before them. “We had no idea that it was possible to create a high-end coating out of plants!” recalls technology manager Marco Wijma.  “We’ve been in business for 40 years so quality is our top priority. But producing and acting responsibly and sustainably are of equal importance to the way we do business.”

Now, Weekamp Doors, has joined forces with Covestro and our trusted partner PPG Wood Finishes to develop a durable acrylic coating based on plants instead of fossils for its exterior ‘circular’ doors. The new coating protects these recycled doors from various elements like sun, wind and rain while retaining a fine look and feel. Beautiful. 

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