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We’re hungry for a world with more sustainable paints and coatings. Are you? 

It’s time to talk bio-based coating materials at the Marie Claire Maison event in Milan

Whether you’re looking to build a table, a cabinet - or an entire house – you need materials you can trust; that look and feel natural; and that nourish and protect without harming the environment. At Covestro our Decovery® bio-based coatings resin is achieving all these things for customers in furniture and decorative markets – and more. Which is why we’re taking part in what promises to be the most exciting event of Milan Design Week 2019, MATERICA | The Beautiful Side Of Design by Marie Claire Maison. 

Covestro serves you food for thought

Marie Claire Maison will create a fully furnished two-storey house - a tribute to the world of materials, demonstrating expertise in style, innovation and functionally. Our contribution? A beautiful table that is coated with Decovery® and tells a sustainable story. It’s no coincidence that we chose to coat a table with our high-performance bio-based resin: because if we really want to sit down as an industry and have a serious discussion about making sustainability a reality in the design world…we need as many players around the table as possible. So what are we talking about?! 

The Beautiful Side Of Design by Marie Claire Maison
9th-14th April 2019
Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27 – Milan
Opening hours: 9-13 April 10am- 9pm, 14 April 10am- 6pm

Sustainability talk

“Every year, sustainability becomes increasingly important to all of us: for the paint and coatings industry; for design and engineering professionals looking to craft authentic and natural products; and for consumers concerned about our environment. No matter who you are, when it comes to safeguarding our planet, the clock is ticking (in fact the Global Carbon Project reported that COemissions rose by an all-time high of nearly 3% in 2018). As a society, we absolutely must reduce our carbon emissions – and reducing the fossil content of our paints and coatings is one major way of achieving it. 

Tim Gratzke, Marketeer Decovery®

Plant talk

“With designers increasingly looking to create eco-friendly furniture, doesn’t it make sense to use natural materials to coat them? Our Decovery® eco-friendly resin contains anywhere from 30-to-50% plant-based content, most of it agricultural waste that doesn’t compete with the food chain. We achieved this by taking the basic plant materials and converting them into tiny bio-based building blocks about one seventh the width of a human hair in length. We then start fitting these blocks together to create polymers with a wide range of properties; and it’s these that form Decovery®.”

Maud Kastelijns, R&D Decovery® 

Performance talk

“Wood furnishing coatings that are sustainable have been around for 20 years and are not really a new thing. However, up until now, these coatings have been very inferior in quality compared to oil-based coatings. It was simply not possible to achieve the same results and long-lasting finishes with products derived from renewable sources. Iridea Bio (a sustainable paint brand from ICA and made with Decovery®) has changed that. We now have a sustainable plant-based coating that is resilient, resistant to chemicals, and light-fast, putting it on the same level as traditional oil-based coatings.”

Salvatore Cozzolino, Sculptor and designer 

Customer talk 

“At Sirca our R&D team has spent many years striving to develop more sustainable ways to enrich and beautify design furniture and joineries. We believe that new resins and additives have a key role to play in preserving the environment and improving the air quality in domestic environments (including safeguarding our employees). What we needed was an eco-friendly coating that performed to a very highest quality standard, and this is what we discovered with Decovery®. As a result, we have now launched a range of coatings for both exterior and interior applications formulated with biobased coating resins made from plants.”

Maurizio Durante, CEO Sirca S.p.a.

Industry talk

"It's a great opportunity, changing the way how we lacquer the furniture. The new and sustainable lacquers, based on Decovery®, are bright, they look like the normal ones before and offer an additional value to the furniture. Today, sustainable paints and coatings are not just a problem of production, technical stuff and costs anymore. If we don't care about what will be in the future, we or our kids will pay the bills at the very end."

Luca Clabassi, Export Manager Rossetto Arredamenti S.r.l.

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