Decovery® Table Talks

Milan Design Week/ Salone del Mobile 2019

Milan Design Week 2019

Whether you’re looking to build a table, a cabinet - or an entire house – you need materials you can trust; that look and feel natural; and that nourish and protect without harming the environment. 
With designers increasingly looking to create eco-friendly furniture, doesn’t it make sense to use natural materials to coat them? 

During the Milan Design Week, our Decovery® brand was featured at Marie Claire Maison, a fully furnished two-storey house - a tribute to the world of materials, demonstrating expertise in style, innovation and functionally. Our contribution? A beautiful table coated with Decovery® telling a sustainable story. 

Our Decovery® team had an inspiring and insightful week trying to discover what architects and designers are up to, to design a more sustainable future. 

Decovery® serves food for thought at Milan Design Week 

It’s no coincidence that we chose to coat a table with our high-performance bio-based resin because we really want to sit down as an industry and have a serious discussion about making sustainability a reality in the design world…we need as many players around the table as possible. 

We are proud to have been part of this cutting-edge design and technology week in Milan. Milan Design Week was a great starting point to stimulate table talks around sustainability and design with designers and architects.

During the event, we had the opportunity to share and talk about relevant topics around sustainability in the paint and coatings industry. Our main focus was and remains to raise awareness about the need to switch from oil-based coatings to bio-based coatings. We had the  honor to welcome people to our table from all around the world including Italy, Brazil, Israel, Greece, France, Poland, Sweden, and many other countries.

What designers and architects are saying about designing a greener future

“I think the coating looks fantastic and like that’s made of plant waste. I really appreciated this kind of act, saving the planet from self-destruction.”

Ramon Zancanaro
Interior Designer 

“As a designer I can design the future and our future should be sustainable.”

Silvia Torri
Design Student Politecnico di Milano

“I’m in search for bio-based materials. They are hard to find. It’s not common knowledge. When we do research it’s not easy to find materials that are eco-friendly.“

Subtto Sur
Interior Designer 

“I design eco-friendly furniture that needs proper coating for protection and appearance. I’m really interested in a plant-based coating.” 

Paola Passa
Interior Designer at Bottega Pitti

“Sustainability is fundamental and it is the future of the design and architecture world.” 

Fiderica Ciotola

“Sustainability is important, it is our job as future architects to design for sustainability.  Sustainability is about looking things in new ways. How to reuse materials that were seen as waste before and innovating using new materials.” 

Julie Sabel, Juliette Eon, Adelaide Machard & Orianne Filippozza
Future Architects

“We have to change the way people value products. They value stuff that they buy from far away countries, but actually it’s just a waste. Today every choice I have is about our responsibilities to develop a better and sustainable world. All the projects from the beginning to the end have to be a sustainable in every single detail, every material and furniture.”

Karim and Khristian Ceballos
Architects - KJS Architecture 

“I think normal coatings damage the environment so for us its really good to have sustainable options. Sometimes I design wooden furniture but it’s hard to find natural materials to finish it.” 

Clara Bartholome
Design Student 

Decovery® – Milan Design Week 2019 photo impression

Davide Niego, Covestro Resins & Functional Materials & Marco Buttafava, Sales Director IVM Chemicals 

Tim Gratzke, Mechteld van Wezel & Ruben Pleijzier, Covestro Resins & Functional Materials

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