Eco-friendly paint resin for furniture

Make your coatings shine in furniture applications

Furniture designers and manufacturers are increasingly looking for creative new ways to innovate in the materials they use – especially for wood. So what could be better than a high-quality coating that not only looks and feels natural, but is natural? Decovery® is helping the furniture industry meet the growing consumer demand for the cleanest coating solutions with maximum performance yet minimal impact on the planet. Whether you’re looking for a glossy, satin or dead-matt finish - pigmented or transparent - Decovery® is proven to deliver.


When it comes to furniture paint, you need a coating that nourishes and protects the product against everything from wine and coffee spills to everyday wear and tear. Decovery® eco-friendly resin is extremely stain and scratch resistant with a durable, fine natural finish available in a range of styles and colors. 

Producing fine wood in Italy with Decovery®.

Kitchen cabinets

In the humid kitchen environment a cabinet is only ever as good as the coating that protects it. Decovery® resin provides a beautiful, natural finish while ensuring outstanding moisture and humidity resistance. The plant-based coatings it helps to create are extremely durable and easy-to-clean, with excellent resistance to household cleaning detergents. And best of all, they’re kind to the planet.  

Safe and solvent-free furniture? It’s kid’s stuff

We realize that safety will always be your number one priority for children’s furniture – and you can rest assured it’s ours too. It’s one of the main reasons we’ve striven to develop a plant-based paint resin that doesn’t just look natural but is natural for children coming into contact with it. Decovery® contains minimal VOCs and is compliant with the stringent requirements of major brands. In fact, when it comes to performance, this resin technology is durable and able to withstand the inevitable wear and tear of daily life. After all, kids will be kids! 

Milan Design Week 2019

During the Milan Design Week, our Decovery® brand was featured at Marie Claire Maison, a fully furnished two-storey house - a tribute to the world of materials, demonstrating expertise in style, innovation and functionally. Our contribution? A beautiful table coated with Decovery® telling a sustainable story.

Decovery® for Designers and Architects

Whether you’re designing furniture, interiors or buildings, you need strong foundations - and that starts with the materials you choose. Discover Decovery®, a family of plant-based resins for paint that are proven to perform.

Dare to design with Decovery® plant-based paint.

Decovery® resins for furniture applications

Decovery® SP-7000

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Decovery® SP-7100

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Decovery® SP-7400

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