Floorings ultimate solution for North America

Floorings ultimate solution: Uniform self-matting Decovery® SP-2022 and SP-2024

For protecting the natural beauty of floors

Today’s consumers are shifting away from high gloss in flooring solutions and moving to low-gloss and matt finishes that protect the natural beauty of their floors.  In fact, homeowners are asking for a matte floor sheen, and this demand is growing.  Along with protecting the natural beauty of the wood finish, demand is also shifting from solvent to waterborne solutions as consumers look for water based coatings that are healthy and provide the best air quality inside the home. 

Optimal performance

To reach optimal performance with easier processing; consumers, manufacturers and contractors are finding the ultimate solution with Covestro’s Decovery® resins – SP-2022 and SP-2024. Decovery® SP-2022 and SP-2024 are self-matting, which means matting agents are not required to reduce gloss levels. These products are revolutionary and deliver uniform appearance throughout the coating.

Appearance that stands the test of time, sustainably

Decovery® resins are made primarily from plants and reduce carbon footprint without sacrificing performance. These resins bind the product together, creating a high quality resin-based coating for everything from walls and ceilings to kid’s furniture.

Delivering performance, uniformly matte and uniformly satin -Decovery® SP-2022 and SP-2024.

Benefits of Decovery® SP-2022 and SP-2024

Whether you are a coating manufacturer with limited time and resources, a contractor who needs it done right the first time or a consumer who seeks a premium-look with a finish that lasts, Decovery® SP-2022 and SP-2024 are the ultimate solutions.  


Uniform and consistent appearance ✓

Uniform consistency that enables homogenous gloss and stability ✓

Excellent scratch, stain and black heel mark resistance ✓

A solution that extends wear ✓

Professional Contractor

Cost and time savings ✓

Elimination of matting agents results in a cleaner process ✓

Reduced production time without the need for powder ingredients ✓

Uniformly matte; Uniformly satin ✓


High-performance, high-quality plant powered resins ✓

Reduce carbon footprint without sacrificing performance ✓

The industry standard for uniformity throughout

Decovery® resins perform equally to, and in many cases better than, traditional coating resins. Decovery® resin-based coatings are durable and chemical-resistant, and provide a great finish, uniformly. 

Uniformly Matte Decovery® SP-2022

Uniformly Satin Decovery® SP-2024