Privacy Statement

Covestro is aware that the protection of your private information is a very important concern as you use our websites. We take the protection of your personal data very seriously. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to explain the basic principles we apply in handling your personal data. This information is always provided whenever such data is collected.

The following document refers to the statutory regulations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation, as an example. To ensure better legibility, this global Data Privacy Declaration does not refer to national regulations, which are frequently comparable. 

If we obtain consent from a data subject to process personal data, Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a. of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) serves as the legal basis for processing such personal data. When processing personal information necessary to fulfill a contract to which the data subject is a contractual party, Art. 6 para. 1 lit. b GDPR serves as the legal basis. This also applies to processing procedures necessary to take steps prior to entering into a contract. If personal data must be processed to fulfill a legal obligation of our company, Art. 6 para. 1 lit. c GDPR serves as the legal basis. If data processing is required to safeguard a legitimate interest of our company or a third party, and if the interests, basic rights, and basic freedoms of the data subject do not outweigh the above interest, Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f GDPR serves as the legal basis for processing. Our company has a legitimate interest in carrying out and improving our business activities and in ensuring and improving the proper and error-free operation of the website and further coordinating website operations to the needs of users.

Collection and processing of information

You can use Covestro’s websites of recently merged subsidiaries without providing any personal data to us. Some offers and services available on our websites, however, do require personal information to access.

Recording of technical access data

When you visit Covestro’s websites of recently merged subsidiaries, Covestro uses an automated system to collect data and information. However, in general, this information is not associated with any individual for the purpose of assessing their behavior. Technical access data saved in server log files includes, for instance, the following data:

  • Information on your browser type and version used
  • The user's operating system
  • The user's internet service provider
  • The user’s IP address
  • Date and time of access
  • Websites from which the user’s system accessed our website (referrer)
  • Websites accessed by the user’s system through our website.

Data is processed to deliver the content of our website, to ensure the functionality of our IT systems, and to optimize our website, as well as to protect our justifiable interests and clarify any issues in case of unauthorized access or attempts to access our website (Art. 6 (1, f GDPR).


Our websites use cookies. These are files saved on the user's computer system by their web browser. Cookies can be transmitted to the user’s browser when they access a page and are used to identify the user. Cookies help simplify the use of websites for users.

You can prevent cookies from being saved by changing your browser settings at any time. Saved cookies can be deleted at any time.

We would like to note that, if you deactivate cookies, you may not be able to use all of the functions of our website to their fullest extent.

The following section provides further information on the cookies / pixels / tools that are used on this website. 

Adobe Analytics (Cookie) 

Adobe Analytics is used on our website to analyze users’ interaction across own websites and apps.

Adobe Analytics cookies are set on a visitor’s device when a visitor arrives on a Covestro page where there is Adobe Analytics. Information stored by Adobe Analytics cookies includes e.g. the time when the website was visited, the frequency of the respective website visits and the access path to the site. The data collected is aggregated and not used on a personal and identifiable level. All analysis and personalization are only done for large groups of people (cookies). 

On our behalf, Adobe will use the information to evaluate your use of the website, to compile reports on website activity and to provide other services related to website activity and internet usage to the website operator. Additional information on data protection in relation to Adobe Analytics can be found directly on Adobe.

Marketing data and direct communication

Covestro’s recently merged subsidiaries use data and communication technology to process and profile personal information (personal data). Data processing is carried out for two primary purposes, for which the communication channels listed below are used:

  • Fulfillment of requested digital services: Covestro offers a range of digital services and online services that require data processing and communication with users, based on their nature. These services include, but are not limited to: registering for webinars and digital events (such as online exhibition booth), inquiries submitted via the contact form, exclusive downloads of PDF documents, sample orders, general inquiries, newsletter registration, survey registration, meeting inquiries.
    The communication channel used to fulfill these requests will depend on the specific service ad from the data provided by the user. Generally, one of the following channels will be used: e-mail, telephone or web browser notification.
  • Advertising / marketing communication: in addition to the aforementioned fulfillment of digital services, users can consent to advertising / marketing communication (opt-in). The purpose of the advertising communication is to inform the user regarding in-person and digital events, products, job functions or industry-relevant expertise and surveys, in order to improve user and customer experiences with Covestro.
    The communication channel used depends on the type of good purchased, and the data provided by the user. Generally, one or more of the following channels will be used: e-mail, telephone, web browser notification, LinkedIn Matched Audience, Google Ads Audience.
    Users may revoke their consent to advertising / marketing communication at any time by sending a notification to Covestro. Furthermore, they can revoke this consent via the contact form.

Data processing includes collecting information applicable to known and unknown users of Covestro websites, as well as to known stakeholders and customers with and without contractually agreed business relationships.
The information recorded includes demographic data (such as the user's first name, last name and profession), company-specific data (such as the company name), behavioral data (such as registering to a certain webinar, downloading a certain product data sheet), transaction data (such as requesting an offer), and consent data (such as accepting the Data Privacy Declaration). 

BlueConic Marketing Data Management (Cookie)

Covestro’s recently merged subsidiaries use Customer Data Platform technology to process personal profile information (data) for marketing purposes, to harness the data required, the recognition of an individual at each interaction and then synchronize their intent across the marketing ecosystem. BlueConic is responsible for providing this service and the data processing associated with it. 

The data processing does imply the collection of information that applies to known and unknown users of Covestro web pages as well as known prospects and customers with and without contractually agreed business relationships. The collection of the information does include demographics (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Professional Function), firmographics (e.g. name of company, country of company, industry of company), behavioral (e.g. registration to a particular webinar, download of a specific product data sheet) and transactional (e.g. requested a quote). 

Additional information on data collection and processing in relation to BlueConic can be found directly on BlueConic


To hold webinars, Covestro uses the software solution GoToWebinar from LogMeIn, Incl. The company LogMeIn, Inc. is responsible for providing this service and the associated data processing. The data protection declaration of LogMeIn is available here.

Our provider LogMeIn makes use of cookies. These are files that are saved by the user’s web browser on their computer system. Cookies can be transferred to the user’s browser when they access a page and are used to identify the user. Cookies help to simplify the use of the webinar platform for users.

You can prevent cookies from being saved at any time by changing your browser settings. Saved cookies can be deleted at any time.

Please note that you may not be able to use all functions of the webinar platform in some circumstances if you deactivate cookies.

The primary purpose of the webinars we provide is to deliver information and training on our new and existing products. However, the provided content is not limited to these topics. Furthermore, we want to give participants the ability to ask questions that are relevant for each meeting, and which we will attempt to answer during or after the meeting. In addition to these points, we are also interested in obtaining feedback from participants through surveys and coordination. This helps us better understand the needs of the different industries we are involved in, and thereby improve our offers to the market overall. Finally, we also take part in marketing activities by contacting the participants who have consented to be contacted during the registration process.

Collection and processing of personal data

Registration is required to access the webinars and offered content. Data entered into the registration form is saved on LogMeIn's servers. Further details on the LogMeIn data privacy declaration is available at the following link:

1. Registration for our webinars

When you register, your contact information, such as your name and e-mail address, are requested and your consent is obtained to the terms of use indicated.

Furthermore, the date and time of your access are also recorded during your participation.

This information is required for the following purposes:

·      Providing access to the service

·      Identifying participants in the offered webinar meetings

·      Tracking the number of participants who enter each meeting

·      Collecting contact information for future marketing activities.

2. Analysis of webinar meetings

Your personal data is used and processed as described in the previous paragraph on marketing data and direct communication

3. Storage and deletion of personal data

Your personal data is collected and saved both by Covestro  and by our service provider LogMeIn. We store your personal data for as long as necessary to provide you access to the requested or approved service/webinar, unless we are subject to other statutory obligations, such as retention periods under trade or tax law or requirements associated with ongoing court proceedings. After providing the service (webinar meeting has concluded), generally all of the data collected and saved by our service provider LogMeIn is deleted automatically after one year.

LinkedIn (Cookie) 

We place advertisements on the social network “LinkedIn” (LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited, Company Wilton Plaza, Wilton Place, Dublin 2 Ireland). Our advertisements are delivered by LinkedIn to the target groups. During the planning of the campaign, we determine the criteria that the target group must fulfill. In this connection we do not process personal data of the members and we are not receiving any access to these data.

LinkedIn is responsible for the data processing in connection with the delivery of our advertisements within the social network. Further information on data processing by LinkedIn is available here:

YouTube (Cookie) 

Covestro uses YouTube (owned by Google) as a video platform in some locations and pages. YouTube cookies are placed on visitors’ devices when a visitor arrives on a Covestro page where there is a YouTube video. The YouTube cookies are eg used to track viewing statistics and assign a unique identifier to the device on which the video is viewed, enabling YouTube to recognize the device. This data is sent to Google, and Covestro is not in control of the data. Google can use this data to show relevant advertising in other YouTube videos. However, Covestro does not allow advertising in own YouTube videos. Read more about YouTube here.

DoubleClick (Cookie) 

Covestro uses DoubleClick (owned by Google) as its platform for buying advertising displayed on external online media. 

DoubleClick automates the ad buying process and secures ad space based on criteria specified by Covestro. This means that Covestro’s external advertising will be personalized and thus be more engaging to the viewer. 

Data generated by DoubleClick is sent to Google, and Covestro is not in control of this data. Google can use this data to show relevant advertising to the viewer across the web. Covestro does not allow external advertising on its own sites. Read more about DoubleClick here.

Social networks and other websites

Our websites can contain links to third-party websites. By following these links, you are leaving our website. This is also the case, for instance, when you click on the links to share on social networks. Covestro selects the linked websites with care, but Covestro cannot accept any responsibility or liability for how your personal data is used, processed, stored and transmitted by the operating companies of these websites. If you are active on social networks where Covestro is present or if you visit other websites, you should familiarize yourself with the terms of use and data protection policies of the respective operating companies. This will give you the opportunity to understand and control whether and which personal data you provide to the respective social or websites.

Personal Information

Other personal information is only collected if you provide it to us, for instance by filling out a form, sending e-mails, or while making an inquiry or requesting materials.

This also includes customer surveys which Covestro sends out several times a year, subject to their consent. 

Registration on our websites (if applicable)

If you take advantage of the opportunity to register on our website and provide us with personal information, the data entered into the input fields will be transmitted to the Covestro entities responsible for processing the data.

When registering on our website, your IP address and the date and time of registration are saved. The purpose of this is to prevent the misuse of the services.

The registration of the data is required for the provision of content or services. Registered persons may delete or change their saved data at any time. Affected persons may obtain information on their saved personal information at any time.

Contact options

Our website includes contact forms that can be used to contact us electronically. If you choose this option to contact us, personal information you provide will be saved automatically. Data is saved only for the purpose of processing or contacting the person concerned.

Alternatively, you can also contact us at the provided telephone number or in writing via the provided address.


If you subscribe to our company newsletter, the data you enter in the input fields will be submitted to the entity responsible for data processing.

When a user registers for our newsletter, their IP address and the date and time of registration are saved. This is done to prevent a misuse of services or misuse of the individual’s e-mail address. Data is never transmitted to third parties, except if we are required to transmit such data by law.

This data is only used to send the newsletter. The affected person can cancel their newsletter registration at any time. They can also revoke their consent to have their personal information saved at any time. A link is provided in each newsletter for this purpose.

Transmitting data for the purpose of order processing

In some cases, we use specialized service providers to process your data. These providers only process personal information on our behalf, acting strictly in accordance with our instructions and based on relevant agreements for contract data processing

Data processing outside of the EU / EEA

In some cases, your data may also be processed in countries outside of the European Union (“EU”) or European Economic Area (“EEA”), areas which may have a lower level of data privacy protections than the EU. In such cases, we establish contractual agreements or other methods with our contractual partners for ensuring they provide a sufficient level of protection for your data, or we ask you for your explicit consent.

Storing your data

We save your personal information as long as necessary to complete a service you have requested or consented to, unless we are subject to other legal obligations such as commercial or tax law retention periods or those related to ongoing court proceedings.

Data security

Data you provide to us is protected using suitable technical and organizational means, with the objective of securing it against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction, unauthorized access, or unauthorized disclosure to third parties. Our security measures are continuously reviewed and improved in accordance with technological developments and organizational possibilities.

Your personal data is only transmitted to service providers in a third country if the specific requirements of Art. 44 et seqq. GDPR are fulfilled.

Information about your rights

You have the right to:

·       receive information on your personal data saved by us;

·       have your personal information corrected, deleted, or to have processing restricted;

·       object to processing that serves our justifiable interest, the public interest, or profiling, unless we can show that there are mandatory grounds for this processing which outweigh your interests, rights, and freedoms, or unless the processing is completed to assert, exercise, or defend legal claims;

·       have your data transmitted to the extent allowed under the law, such as in Art. 20 GDPR, and

·       submit a complaint to a supervisory authority in your country if available, or to the State Officer of Data Privacy and Freedom of Information of North Rhine Westphalia, P.O. Box 20 04 44 40102 Düsseldorf.

You can revoke any consent you have granted to have your personal information collected, processed, and used at any time, effective for the future. Further information is provided in the individual sections describing data processing to which you must consent.

A written letter sent to the Group Data Privacy Office will be sufficient (for address see below).

Protecting the privacy of children

We do not knowingly collect the personal information of children. Typically, we have no way of knowing how old visitors to our site are. Since it is highly important to us to protect children as they use the internet, we advise all parents and guardians to teach their children how to use the internet safely and responsibly. Children should not transmit personal information to Covestro without the express consent of their parent or guardian.


Covestro AG is responsible for the content of this website.

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Phone: +49 214 6009 2000.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to data privacy, please contact the Covestro AG Group Data Privacy Office

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Allee 60
51373 Leverkusen, Germany
Phone: +49 214 6009 2000

Ongoing development on the internet requires that we adjust our data privacy declaration from time to time. We reserve the right to make such changes at any time.