Decovery®: it’s time for plant-powered performance

Decovery®: it’s time for plant-powered performance

Decovery® resins are about 50% plant. But they deliver 100% performance. From decorative to flooring to joinery to packaging. In fact, Decovery® is proven to perform equally to (and sometimes even better) than most crude oil-based acrylic equivalents – and all with minimal impact on the planet. 

Plant-powered paint resin you can truly trust

Today, the Decovery® family is used inside some of the world’s best performing paints and brands - like PPG - across a wide range of applications. But don’t just take our word for it. 

“We’re seeing a growing market demand for solutions that deliver on both quality and on environmental friendliness. Covestro’s Decovery® SP-2022 is a real game-changer, offering a significant improvement compared to alternatives in terms of the sustainability value and the final performance of our wooden coatings. We look forward to building on this success with Covestro, and to a future of better wood finishes.” 

Wouter Devaere, CEO Ciranova

Why not discover more about what our customers say about Decovery®.  

Decovery® performance

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that sustainability is important to you. But so, of course, is high-performance. 

Decovery® is nothing like the first generation of old-style biobased paints. For example, our Decovery® SP-2022 grade for flooring delivers the ultra-matt finish and extreme stain and scratch resistance needed for this most demanding of applications. It’s incredibly easy to apply; and as well as being better for the planet, it’s better for people – containing zero-to-low toxins like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). 

The roots of success in plant-based resins

“Our starting point in creating a plant-based resin was to benchmark against one of our own best-selling waterborne acrylic paint resins (called NeoCryl®).

It was a big scientific challenge to replicate its properties and qualities minus the traditional fossil-based ingredients, but eventually we succeeded in turning our plant-based building blocks into high-performing binders.  Now Decovery® resins are almost 50% plant-based, but we won’t stop here. We’re aiming for zero fossil-based content – and the team here is already well on the way to achieving it.” 

Maud Kastelijn, Decovery® science team

So what have you got to lose (apart from fossils in your paint)?                                                                                                    

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