Our aim? Zero impact on the health of all

Decovery® vision

When the great ice sheets that balance the sea levels and temperature of our planet are gone…we can’t bring them back. The effects of climate change on our environment, people and wildlife are devastating. We don’t just need to stop it. We need to start reversing it.

This is exactly why we want a world where high-performance coatings and inks have zero impact on the health of people and the environment. And the best way to achieve that is to produce products like high-performance coatings that have zero impact on our environment.  

Making sustainable choices

For instance, did you know that using just 10 kg of Decovery® can have the same positive impact as planting 16 tree seedlings and letting them grow for the next 10 years*? No-one ever said that change was easy. But as this example demonstrates, we want to be catalysts for this change by empowering people both today and tomorrow to Aim for Zero - and make responsible and sustainable choices about the products they buy.

Our mission

Our mission at Decovery® is to accelerate the transformation towards plant-based coatings and inks. We will achieve this by: 

  • Continuing our research and development to bring new high-performance, plant-powered resins to the market.

  • Partnering with everyone from manufacturers to brand owners and users to help reduce the environmental impact of their products as quickly as possible.

  • Ensuring that our products always perform to the same high standards as conventional coating and ink ingredients. 

It should be easy and rewarding to create plant-based coatings and inks. Which is why we’re giving our partners the tools to achieve it by driving the adoption of plant-powered products. So, if you’re thinking what we’re thinking, get in touch and let’s make the change together. 

* IKEA, Climate action research report, 2018

** NYU Stern & IRI®, 2019; study about consumer packaged goods in the US

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