Nature would paint it with Decovery®

Fossil-based oil in paint is damaging our planet through its substantial and unnecessary carbon footprint. Even water-based paints still contain high levels of oil. So it’s time to listen to Nature and do what’s right for our planet and communities. We’re determined to make paints more sustainable and healthier with Decovery® plant-based resins. These resins contain up to 52% plant products.

If we switched to making paints with Decovery® we could stop millions of kg of harmful CO2 being pumped into the Earth's atmosphere.

Consumer and painter demand for sustainable paints is growing rapidly and showing no signs of stopping. But when you create a paint or coating using Decovery® resins you can trust it is made from verifiable bio-based content AND be confident that your customers will have a finish to be proud of.

That’s because Decovery® resins only contain ingredients from carefully-selected suppliers and are C14 verified by an independent laboratory to prove their plant-based content – all without compromising on performance. We even assess the total environmental impact of our resins, from cradle to grave.

That’s why we firmly believe that Nature would choose to paint our world with Decovery®.

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Explore the high-performance, sustainable Decovery® range in detail. Find out how Decovery® resins are suitable for a variety of coatings and applications, and examine each resin’s sustainability and performance credentials.

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A plant-based family of paint resins, ideal for many applications

Decovery® SP-8030

High performance healthy plant-based wood coating solution

Decovery® SP-8310

The bio-based multipurpose breathable flexible solution

Decovery® SP-8406

High performance plant-based resins to reduce CO2

Decovery® SP-2022

Protect the natural beauty of wooden floors

Decovery® SP-7450

Durable sustainable wood coatings