Sigma Air Pure

A breath of fresh air.

Pure genius

The arrival of Sigma Air Pure represents a breath of fresh air for the paint industry – quite literally. This unique technology does exactly what its name suggests: purifying indoor air and removing harmful volatile organic substances like formaldehyde – which is emitted by everything from furniture to fabrics. Having made these huge strides in protecting people, PPG turned its attention to the planet - and how to make its paint more sustainable. So it looked to the heart & soul of the paint - Decovery® plant-based resin.


At PPG Coatings, quality is the top priority – without concessions. So in developing Sigma Air Pure it faced a dilemma familiar to many coating manufacturers. How do you balance the desire to do the right thing, against the critical requirement for a high-quality, durable product with no compromise on performance? Not only in terms of how that coating functions, but in how it’s manufactured and processed? 


The PPG and Decovery® teams worked together via an intensive process that involved both marketers and product technologists from both sides. Their work covered a wide array of angles and perspectives; and it shows in the end product. Today, Sigma Air Pure super-matt paint with Decovery® inside is virtually 50% plant-based while delivering 100% performance for PPG customers. 


“With this binding agent, we’ve achieved the optimal balance between sustainability and ease of processing. Suppose the percentage of bio-based binding agent had ended up at some 10 to 15%? That wouldn’t have impressed anyone. Instead, we developed a super-matt wall paint with a binding agent that’s demonstrably almost 50% bio-based. Now that’s what I call impressive!” 

Maarten Buijs, Manager Sustainability and New Business Development at PPG Coatings 

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