ICA uses Decovery® eco-friendly resin from Covestro

ICA uses Decovery® eco-friendly resin from Covestro

The only thing better than helping your own customer succeed is helping them to help their customer. That’s exactly what happened when our Decovery® partner, the wood coating expert ICA Group, was looking to meet the needs of a long-standing and highly valued customer – the Italian design and architecture studio, Stile Libero. 


“When designing a new range or piece I have to look at the whole picture. I have to take into account how the coating reflects light, how durable it is, and how it feels to the touch,” explains founder of the Stile Libero studio, Salvatore Cozzolino.  “Wood furnishing coatings that are sustainable and do not harm to the environment have been around for 20 years, and are not really a new thing. However, up until now, these coatings have been very inferior in quality compared to oil-based coatings. It was simply not possible to achieve the same results and long-lasting finishes with products derived from renewable sources.” 


Iridea Bio with Decovery® at its heart has changed all this. “We now have a sustainable plant-based coating that is resilient, resistant to chemicals, and lightfast, putting it on the same level as traditional crude oil-based coatings,” says Salvatore. He’s right. Iridea Bio paints dry and harden very quickly while avoiding the yellowing effect properties common in alkyd resins made from renewable sources. And crucially, this unique coating contains no chemicals that harm the environment or human health. 


“This product addresses the customer’s desire to have both ecological and functional coatings for protected wood. Iridea Brio was the result of several years of study, experimentation and collaboration between ICA and Covestro. Our research and development laboratories leveraged Covestro’s extensive experience in processing renewable resins, and it was great that we could collaborate to develop such an innovative product, part of Covestro’s Decovery® plant-based resin technology platform. Success like this cannot be achieved by chance – you need to work together.”

Lorenzo Paniccia, Technical Manager at ICA Group

ICA uses Decovery® eco-friendly resin from Covestro

A new standard in sustainable paint

Iridea Bio paint marries high performance and sustainability in unprecedented fashion, thanks to Decovery® plant-based technology.

A new horizon for sustainable coatings for interior wood

Based on Decovery® technology, Iridea Bio paint combines high-performance standards with sustainability.

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