Chenyang uses Covestro’s plant-based resins for healthier paints

Chenyang uses Covestro’s plant-based resins for healthier paints

Is it really possible to produce an eco-friendly, low-toxin paint made from plants that performs as well as crude oil-based paint? This is the challenge we set ourselves at Covestro a couple of years ago. The result so far? Decovery®: the cleanest coating resin solutions with maximum performance and minimal impact on the planet.

Decovery® contains nearly 50% plant-based content, but guarantees 100% performance. In fact, it’s proven to deliver the highest quality across a range of indoor and outdoor applications in demanding specialty products. 

Now, we are taking the expansion of our Decovery® innovation one step further by entering the Chinese market. Together with the Chinese paint manufacturer Chenyang, we are taking our sustainability efforts one step further, creating innovative paints that protect both people and planet… 

The challenge

From the walls of our rooms to the furniture around us, paint impacts us not only visually but through the air we breathe. Above all, paints based on crude oil products can damage our health, as well as that of our planet. That's why, for over a decade, the Chinese company Chenyang has pioneered healthier and more sustainable paint solutions. But finding a truly sustainable binder, in particular, was proving to be a challenge… until Covestro stepped in, that is.

The solution

Chenyang now makes use of Covestro's plant-based Decovery® resins to deliver more sustainable coating solutions, for which they have received French A+ and USDA bio preferred certification.  Specifically, by using the Decovery® SP-8407 resin, Chenyang has been able to create a new eco-friendly paint: Plant Nourishing Water-Based Paint Designed for Children. This indoor wall paint with 49% bio-renewable content, has zero-to-low volatile organic compounds, and delivers good scrub and stain resistance, as well as excellent anti-bacteria functionality. A paint that looks good and that is good for people, especially our babies, and the world at large.

The customer view

"Covestro and Chenyang share a strong vision of what the coatings industry should look like, and how we can enable this transformation," says Mr Liu Zhanchuan, CEO of Chenyang Group. "As such, we're very pleased to be stepping up our collaboration with Covestro – a partner with a demonstrated history of delivering highly sustainable innovations, such as the Decovery® family of resins. Decovery® has laid the foundation for us to develop a premium product, in a completely new range. More than ever, we're convinced that plant-based paints can help ensure the healthiest air for our children, while also helping to protect our wider environment."

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