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Decovery®: your plant-powered partner

Ultimately, we all want to work with people who share our values, passion – and vision – for a better world. Here at Decovery® we don’t just admire those who challenge conventions and refuse to settle for the status quo; we make it easy and rewarding for them to create plant-based coatings by giving our partners whatever they need to create a plant-powered planet.

An invitation for inspiration

From market leading coating manufacturers; to family-run businesses; and from the world’s largest retailer to one of China’s most respected paint brands, there’s a fast-growing community of Decovery® partners. The one thing they all share? A vision and desire to create the highest-performing paint that protects the health of people and our planet. They inspire us; and we hope that we’ve inspired them a little along the way. But don’t just take our word for it. See what our plant-powered partners have to say about Decovery®…

Plant-powered paint resin you can truly trust

Today, the Decovery® family is used inside some of the world’s best performing paints and brands - like PPG - across a wide range of applications. But don’t just take our word for it.

“We’re seeing a growing market demand for solutions that deliver on both quality and on environmental friendliness. Covestro’s Decovery® SP-2022 is a real game-changer, offering a significant improvement compared to alternatives in terms of the sustainability value and the final performance of our wooden coatings. We look forward to building on this success with Covestro, and to a future of better wood finishes.”

Wouter Devaere, CEO Ciranova

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Our partners

Natural protection for the natural marble beauty

Marble and natural stone have long been at the heart of the beautiful surface designs, but maintaining that natural beauty requires care and protection. Driven by its deep environmental respect, the Italian company Fila develops eco-friendly acid protection products that safeguard the natural beauty of marble and natural stone.

Now, it is taking the sustainability of these products to new levels by partnering with Decovery®– a partnership that marks the expansion of the Decovery® family and opens up a new horizon of sustainable possibilities. Distributed by Soconomar, Fila’s new Decovery®-based products will surely raise the bar of marble protection products for years to come.  

Discover Fila and its solutions. 

Chenyang recently launched a new eco-friendly indoor wall paint

Covestro and Chenyang have already worked together for over 10 years to develop sustainable coating solutions that outperform market alternatives. Nowadays this collaboration has been taken a step further with the recently launched Plant Nourishing Water-Based Paint Designed for Children. A new eco-friendly paint solution for indoor wall applications based on Covestro’s Decovery® SP-8407. By using Decovery® SP-8407, Chenyang could create a new eco-friendly paint for indoor wall paint applications with good scrub and stain resistance.

Liu Zhanchuan, CEO of Chenyang Group: “At Chenyang, we’re convinced that plant-based paints can help ensure the healthiest air for our children, while also helping to protect our wider environment.”

Baril Coatings adopts eco-friendly resin

The Copperant paint brand by Baril Coatings has existed since 1870. Now it’s received a 21st century makeover following the launch of a new family of sustainable paint systems based on the Decovery® plant-based paint resin. Copperant Altra Wall Paint, and Copperant Altra Spackspray from Baril Coating contain zero VOCs while delivering outstanding performance in indoor and outdoor applications. But as managing director Geert Duijghuisen recounts, becoming a sustainability pioneer hasn’t always been easy.

Opening new doors in sustainable coatings

How do you create beautiful wooden doors from recycled materials…without coating them in non-sustainable oils? This was the challenge facing Weekamp Doors, a family-run company of master craftsmen searching for a more sustainable coating for their bespoke and much-loved product. Through a chance encounter they discovered our Decovery® paint resin. And suddenly a whole new world opened up before them. “We had no idea that it was possible to create a high-end coating out of plants!” recalls technology manager Marco Wijma.  “We’ve been in business for 40 years so quality is our top priority. But producing and acting responsibly and sustainably are of equal importance to the way we do business.”

Now, Weekamp Doors, has joined forces with Covestro and our trusted partner PPG Wood Finishes to develop a durable acrylic coating based on plants instead of fossils for its exterior ‘circular’ doors. The new coating protects these recycled doors from various elements like sun, wind and rain while retaining a fine look and feel. Beautiful. 

Discover Weekamp Doors


Long-term guidelines, laws and labels have been in place for sustainable and circular buildings for quite some time. For interior, however, hardly ... That is going to change. INSIDE/INSIDE is a new, objective online platform that helps interior architects, facility employees, building developers and consumers to make sustainable design decisions based on objective and verified environmental data. Covestro’s Decovery® is one of the six founding partners whom supported the development of the platform.

The formula for success

Our formula for success with Decovery® is fairly simple: Ensuring that our partners and customers are successful. It’s why we only launched this resin when we were 100% certain that it could deliver the performance they need – because having worked in coatings for product design and furniture for a long time, I’m only too aware of the challenges involved with industrial wood.  

We also recognize that every customer is different, so a major part of my role is working closely in re-formulating our product, both in terms of its performance for certain applications (whether indoor or outdoor); and also the amount of plant-based content inside - which we can vary from around 30 to 50%. In our business it’s all about the details!

Derrick Twene, Global Industry Manager, Decovery®

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